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A Word From Shirlee

I have served as Judge Pro Tem in Van Nuys and volunteered several years for the Panel of Settlement Referees for the North Central District. I received a Certificate of Appreciation for this work. I specialize in helping people with their legal needs in regard to Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, Family Law, Probate, Wills and Trust, and Criminal Law. My goal is to show them a way out of their current situation and that there are more viable options.

Our Services


Bankruptcy is a legal process in which you may restriction or completely eliminate debt. Upon filing creditors are forbidden by law from calling or harassing the debtor.  We will take care of stopping any contact by the creditors, stop garnishments, and foreclosures and a lot more.  Send us a message and let us know about your current situation and we will get right back in touch with you.

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Family Law

Divorce and family law are challenging areas of legal practice and require a special touch. No other type of legal dispute is quite as emotional. Managing and interpreting these emotions is essential, whether in the courtroom or at the mediation table. Shirlee understands the strain of divorce and other domestic relations disputes, and we try to get you back to your life as soon as we can. Send us a quick message with a little about your situation and we will get back to you A.S.A.P.

criminal law

Our criminal defense attorneys help those who have been charged with a DUI, Assault, Domestic Violence, Drug Possession, Marijuana, Sex Crimes, Theft, and other Misdemeanors and Felonies.

Regardless of charges against you it’s very important that you meet with one of our Criminal Attorneys and DUI Lawyers to discuss your criminal charge and decide on your options to protect your criminal record.  Call our law office today at 818-842-0997 or send us a quick note to schedule your free confidential consultation to discuss your case

We will protect your rights


Shirlee Bliss provides solutions for the needs of people that require wills, trusts or to probate the estate of a loved one at affordable rates.  Probate usually involves a named independent executor with a valid original will.


Probate is the process of proving up a will in court as valid or to distribute an estate among family members, charities or other designated personages.   California has one of the most simple and inexpensive probate processes in the country.


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Other Areas of Practice

  • Family Law
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